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Seunggeun (Shawn) Lee



Graduate School of Data Science

Seoul National University



Minjung Kho (Research Assistant Professor)



Lab members

Jack Flanagan (Postdoc)

Kisung Nam (PhD student)

Wonyoung Jang (PhD student)

Junhyeong Lee (PhD student)

Nayeon Kim (PhD student)

Seokho Jeong (PhD student)

Jeonghyun Moon (PhD student)

Chang Hoon Kang (PhD student)

Chanhee Lee (PhD student)

Hohyun Kim (PhD student)

Jiyong Ahn (PhD student)

Bo-Eun Ahn (MS student)

Bokeum Cho (MS student)

Chaieun Lee (MS student)

Eugine Kim (MS student)

Eunji Park (MS student)

Hongkyung Yun (MS student)

Moonwon Choi (MS student)

Seoyun Jang (MS student)

Serim Kim (MS student)

Sojung Kim (MS student)

Soungmun Kim (MS student)

Sungmin Kwon (MS student)

Yein Hwang (MS student)

 Alumni (PhD and Postdoc)

Yongwen Zhuang (PhD) Research Scientist at Illumina

Yatong Li (PhD) Research Scientist at Google

Daiwei Zhang (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UPenn

Wenjian Bi (Postdoc) Assistant Professor, Peking University

Zhangchen Zhao (PhD) Research Scientist at Eli Lilly

Wei Zhou (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Broad Institute

Diptavo Dutta (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Currently Tenure Track Faculty at NIH

Rounak Dey (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health

Jingchunzi Shi (PhD) Scientist at 23 and me

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