Seunggeun (Shawn) Lee


Associate Professor

Graduate School of Data Science

Seoul National University


Lab members



Wei Zhou (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Broad Institute

Jingchunzi Shi (PhD) Scientist at 23 and me


Rounak Dey (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health

Diptavo Dutta (PhD) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University




Wenjian Bi (Postdoc)

Methods for the analysis of big genetics data and GxE


Zhangchen Zhao (PhD student)

Efficient resampling methods and an R-package that can handle large-scale genetics data.

Email: zczhao at


Yatong Li (PhD student)

Methods for integrating external control samples.

Email: yatongli at

Yongwen Zhuang  (PhD student)

Methods for integrating family disease histories in biobank data analysis


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